Children’s bedroom puzzle floor baby crawling mat thick foam stitching mat tatami non-slip floor mat game mat

Short Description:

2) Good water absorption, dust absorption and anti-skid performance;
(3) Easy to clean, adapt to lavage and hand washing, it will not be deformed, will not shed hair, will not fade, and the glue surface will not be exposed to direct sunlight;
(4) The product has no peculiar smell, passed the national environmental protection inspection, and is an inspection-free product;
(5) No fading, abrasion resistance above grade 4, washing fastness above grade 3.
1. When the weather is good, take it out in the sun to sterilize it, and place it indoors for a long time. If it encounters humid air, it is easy to mold.
2. Dry it immediately after washing to keep it dry.
3. If it is accidentally stained with mimeograph, paint or soup, it should be cleaned immediately to ensure it is clean and prevent peculiar smell.

Product Detail

New technology: Adopt professional technology to cover the environmental protection film with color scheme on the EVA foam material. This process does not apply any chemical solvents, and the environmental protection film is wear-resistant. When applicable, it can protect children’s health and rest assured.

Thickness description: Due to the problems of the production process and production batches, there may be errors in the thickness of the products. The errors in the industry are normal within 0.2CM.

High-density and non-porous: high-quality EVA is foamed from environmentally-friendly new material particles, with high density, no holes, good toughness and good resilience.

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The product is resistant to compression, impact resistance, high friction coefficient, elasticity, shock absorption and anti-skid, and strong protection performance. 2. Good weather resistance, temperature resistance, and UV resistance. It can be used normally within the range of -40° -100° to meet the needs of different places. 3. Good water resistance, easy to clean the surface and easy maintenance. 4. Insulation resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, antistatic, flame retardant (self-extinguishing), high safety factor. 5. No irritation to human body, no pollution, anti-mildew, and no breeding of microorganisms. 6. Diverse specifications, rich colors, non-reflective, beautiful and generous finishes, and a variety of patterns can be combined at will. 7. The construction is convenient, and it can be laid by adhesive or directly.
Scope of application:
   1. Schools, kindergartens, nurseries, activity venues, family rooms, children’s bedrooms, playgrounds, small tracks, small lawns, dance rooms, sports facilities, etc. 2. Elderly activity center, corridors of nursing homes, family bathrooms, toilets and balconies, etc. 3. Entertainment venues, stages, and sports facilities. 4. Swimming pool shore, bathing center, sauna room and aisle. 5. Anti-skid pavements such as sidewalks, underground passages, and overpasses. 6. Corridors of stations, docks, airports, splints, offices, and office buildings. 7. Park fitness equipment venues, characteristic culture, sports squares, around the fountain, golf course passages, etc. Weight: A little error is normal!


Floor mats can be divided into multiple categories according to different uses and specifications. Children’s floor mats are specially designed for babies. The various colors and shapes make them love the floor mats. Babies can quickly recognize different colors, numbers, small animals, etc. by crawling and playing on the sweeping mat. The cushion is soft and comfortable, which can effectively prevent noise; the high-thickness cushioning can prevent children from bumping; the soft mat can relieve troubles ; The bottom material is environmentally friendly EVA, which is environmentally friendly at home and will not damage the floor. The corners are cut into oblique incisions, and the connection is tight and firm. Let the baby play and learn together.

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