Flooring foam eva floor mat Thickened foam floor mat Large suede floor mat

Short Description:

[Product name]: AP-224 two-color yoga mat
[Product color]: purple magenta, grass green, pink blue purple, light cyan blue
[Product material]: Environmental protection TPE
[Product Specifications]: 183cm×61cmx6mm [Applicable to]: You can do the following exercises on the yoga mat: push ups, aerobics, sit-ups, etc.


Product Detail

Home furnishing
◎Autumn and winter short plush suede splicing home city is
Comfortable fabrics give you a comfortable skin-friendly experience and give you a piece of warmth


Suede home mats to create a Japanese-style warm and comfortable home

3 (2)


                  Gym                                living room                                 bedroom                                Hotel


Colorful detachable splicing mat
Autumn and winter short suede home splicing floor mat
We are committed to bringing you a more comfortable home experience


The spliced design is a convenient home floor mat
Splicing floor mats for easy storage
It is easy to lay and store, and it is not a temporary place for storage


Rich colors for free matching
Soft color matching
But girls can live at home, suitable for you with taste

Product Name: Autumn and Winter Short Fluffy Floor Mat
Color: multi-color (specifically as follows)
Single piece weight: 0.32KG soil 0.02KG
Single piece area: 0.36 square
Single chip size: 6OCM+60CM=1.0CM (main 0.1CM)
Packing: plastic film color card
Specification: 4 pcs/pack
Advantages: non-slip and anti-fall / hand-painted design drawings

Selection of color

2 (2)

3 (3)

The edge is fine and the edge is cut and the surface is                    The surface layer is suede and the surface layer is fine and fine,

fine and the texture is good, the density is strong and                       and the anti-slip and drop-proof color is soft and the color

the elasticity is good, which can protect the safety of                         fixation is good.

the family

3 (4)

The thickness of the display edge is 1.0CM thickness,                            Splicing floor mats, splicing tooth mouth mats

which can be precisely cut and formed once and has                              good splicing for easy storage and organization

good elasticity.


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