Foam stitching gymnasium martial arts fighting wrestling Sanda training gym high-density non-slip dance martial arts training mat

Short Description:

We carefully create a good floor mat

Protect limbs from injury
Made of PE material, high density, good cushioning performance, can better absorb impact force
Form a buffer, like an adult’s embrace.

Product Detail

Fashion stitching floor mat
You only need a soft floor



1 (3)

Waterproof and non-slip stitching tightly
A variety of solid performance to meet the needs of you and your family

2 (1)

Not just a floor mat
Add a warmth to your home
Random stitching everyone is an artist

2 (2)

Reduce impact, high elasticity and shock absorption to protect your baby’s knees
Thickening process design
Thickened, non-slip, cold and heat insulation

1 (5)

Easy to clean up
Waterproof, impermeable and easy to take care of
The surface of the floor mat is waterproof, milk stains and urine will not seep

1 (6)

The baby crawling mat is made of EVA brand new raw material, high-temperature foaming, comfortable and soft bubble composition, thick and elastic enough, clear texture, strong grip, no irritating odor, safe and secure, and baby’s skin-friendly play.The surface texture of the foam floor mat is clear, full and distinct. It is resilient under heavy pressure. It is strong and durable. It is not deformed for a long time. It adopts easy-to-buckle gears, which can be tightly spliced ​​and easily disassembled. The detachable design saves space when stacked and stored;Anti-shock and anti-fall, good flexibility, no matter how you knead it, it will return to its original shape immediately after letting go, and it will not be deformed for a long time. It is composed of soft bubbles, which can effectively absorb the impact force and enhance protection for family and children Cold insulation, suitable for four seasons, isolated from the cold ground, you can safely let your baby crawl and learn to worry about catching a cold, the baby will not hurt when falling, protect the baby’s knees, and provide a guarantee for the baby to play happily Waterproof and dirt-resistant, you can continue to use it by simply washing and drying it, no matter it is milk stains, beverages, stains, urine stains, water stains, it will not seep, just wipe it with a damp cloth, and it only takes one step to save time and effort. The splicing is tight, the edges are delicate, and there is no burr. Both adults and children can trample on it with bare feet, skin-friendly and worry-free Each floor mat has four side bars to protect gears, avoid wear and increase service life Free combination, free splicing, free cutting, flexible splicing, whether it is bedside, tableside, sofa corner can be covered, use to the corners, safe and secure

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