Multipurpose Exercise Floor Mat – Reduce vibrations from fitness equipment

Short Description:

  • Surface Protection: Protect your floors from scratches, dents, liquids, pets, children and more! The 12-piece Ground Protector is durable, lightweight and non-skid for use anywhere indoors.
  • Easy Assembly: These easy-assemble pieces fit together just like puzzle pieces – minus the head-scratching! When you’re done using them, just pull them apart and stack them up neatly for storage.
  • Waterproof & Easy to Clean: Life is easier when your floor is simple to clean! The Multipurpose Exercise Floor Mat is stain-resistant and get clean fast with just a vacuum or damp cloth. Plus, no harmful phthalates means no worries for your kids
  • Ideal Size & High Density: Even if your room is big, these deluxe-size tiles measure 11.8in size, covering up to 11.6 square feet. Dense and protective of your floor, the 1.2cm thick EVA foam provides support and cushioning for walking on
  • Many Uses: Whether you need to protect your floor or, your feet from your floor, these foam mats provide a versatile range of uses in any location. Useful for around the house, or on the stage, garages, gyms, children’s play rooms and everything in between. Finally, the floor protection you need!

Product Detail

Multipurpose Exercise Floor Mat – Reduce vibrations from fitness equipmentWhat’s the best way to keep your floor from getting scratched, dented or damaged in any way?

Look no further than the Sportneer Multipurpose Exercise Floor Mat, which both protects your floor and you!

The high-density EVA foam prevents damage in any environment, such as the house, garages, gyms, children’s play rooms and more. You can cover up to 11.6 square feet using the 12 included mats, which each measure 11.8 x 11.8 inches size.

Plus, the anti-slip texture on the bottom makes sure it stays put while still being easy to clean. Keep your floor intact and your feet comfy, with Sportneer!

exercise mat

Sportneer Puzzle Exercise Mat

12 puzzle mats

Thickness: 12mm/0.47in

Size of a single piece: 11.8in/30cm

Patched-up size: 47.2in x 35.4in/120cm x 90cm

Total size per set: 11.6 square feet

Easy to Assemble


  1. Fit the pieces together like a puzzle
  2. Assemble the rounded edge corners first
  3. Assemble the straight edges to finish it off


exercise mat

exercise mat

exercise mat

exercise mat

Extra Thick


  • Offering the best cushioning out there, the 1.2cm thick puzzle exercise floor mat provides top-notch shock absorption and protection for your floor.


Simple Assembly


  • Got a minute? That’s all you need to get all these mats connected. They fit together like a puzzle, no instructions required!


Easy to Clean


  • No matter how dirty your foam mat gets, the dirt will come up right away with a little water, soap and light scrubbing. Thanks to the premium EVA foam and smooth, easily cleanable texture, you?ll be done before you know it!


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