EVA foam floor mat

EVA foam floor mat
EVA mat is composed of EVA (also known as elastic iron) and PE (also known as polyethylene) composite rubber material. It is a non-toxic and odorless material and will not have any impact on human health. EVA foam floor mats are based on chemical technology and are foamed with the most advanced PE materials in the world. It has the characteristics of soft texture, high toughness, and good heat preservation performance. This product has passed the international quality standard system certification and the environmental protection certification of environmental protection agencies. It is the best choice to replace the existing children’s mat products.
The important role of EVA mats:

1. It protects children’s face, knees and other possible injuries when crawling and learning to walk.

2. The materials used are also special and harmless to children.

3. EVA mat has good softness, warmth retention and abrasion resistance.

4. EVA mats are colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and can be used safely for children.

5. EVA floor mats have many patterns, rich colors, strong storytelling ability, and a wide range of choices.

6. It can be used anytime, anywhere, don’t have too much finishing, as long as there is a suitable space, it can be used.


Modern simple home style series

EVA floor mats in modern and simple home style are particularly prominent in the beauty of the lines, and the functions involved can highlight the smooth lines. It creates an avant-garde fashion sense without sticking to small details, which can resonate well with the simple indoor furniture and give people a visual feeling. Simplicity is not only a simple pronoun, but also a way to enjoy a slow life.
Naughty Castle Dedicated Series

Toddlers are naughty by nature. Developed the Naughty Castle series of EVA floor mats, which are non-slip, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, easy to clean and easy to take care of. It is enough to clean its painted patterns once a day, whether it is busy season or off-season, it can keep the floor of the children’s playground clean and solve the pain points of hygiene in the children’s playground. It frees up the labor of the staff in the children’s playground, allows more staff to serve customers well, and enhances the children’s amusement experience.

Pastoral small fresh film series

The style of the small and fresh pastoral covered floor mats is very beautiful, relatively natural, and gives people a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

Fun cartoon puzzle series

Toddlers like cartoons. The development designer started from this aspect and developed the floor mats of cartoon puzzle series that attract children’s attention. It can grasp the baby’s psychology tightly and make the baby have fun.

Post time: Nov-16-2021