Plush carpet puzzle foam mat eva bedroom floor mat crawling mat

Short Description:

product advantages:
1. Soundproofness, shockproofness, waterproofness and heat preservation;
2. The laying is simple, smooth, and the surface has specific anti-slip properties; the thickness is 1CM;
3. The product is tasteless and can be used without washing and cooling; especially for babies to use with peace of mind;
4. The ultra-thick product thickness prevents the baby from falling and being injured when sitting on it while playing. It can also be used as a gymnastics mat indoors, which is convenient for storage.

Product Detail

High-quality carpet, floor mats, crawling mats, creative decorations, make your home warm enough
Absorbent, non-slip and beautiful


Customers say good is really good visible quality visible quality


High-quality carpet details are not afraid to enlarge

Exquisite and delicate fabrics
Feel comfortable with splicing at will
High-grade encrypted fabrics are compatible, spliced tightly, feel more comfortable, moisture-proof and waterproof, while effectively preventing noise, it can be used in all seasons

8 (1) 8 (2)

Texture display bottom non-slip bottom T-shaped pattern stitching tightly and firm surface Upgraded version of encrypted long soft cotton velvet, bottom EVA flat T-shaped pattern, non-slip can ensure the actual thickness of the floor mat

9 (1) 9 (2)

The thickened design makes the floor mat more durable, non-slip and moisture-proof. The original thickness of 0.7CM has been upgraded without deformation and durability. The thickness of 1.OCM makes the foot feel more comfortable

Exquisite craftsmanship, easy to take care of, no lint, no shed color, environmentally friendly and tasteless, advanced production technology, thick mats, high density, effective adhesion to the ground, to prevent sliding

10 (1) 10 (2)

Cut the whole house in any size at will
It can be cut and spliced according to the required size to make the whole house full of corners

Easy to clean, washable and vacuum cleaner
Easy to disassemble, wash and assemble, which one is dirty and which one is removed; it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, or it can be cleaned and washed in night water.

Free splicing color display

6 (1)

6 (2)

6 (3)

6 (4)


Strictly selected high-quality raw materials, anti-vibration and decompression, stronger cushioning, and its resilience can pay more attention to the comfort of the human body

One-piece foaming in an industrial-grade vacuum environment, forming a three-layer structure with different densities as a whole. The density of the two layers is higher than the central density. The inside is flexible and the outside is tough, soft and high resilience. The surface layer is tough, wear-resistant and practical, and the inside is soft and shock-absorbing. Rebound, high density is not easy to tear, increase the service life, vacuum technology, strengthen the density of the cushion, high density, endurance training is more labor-saving

Deep-grain anti-slip design, wavy anti-slip performance, more comfortable and skin-friendly

Dense lines design non-slip horizontal lines, balance the center of gravity, twists and turns to strengthen friction, body movement and calm performance

Comprehensive training mat, one side of fitness and yoga, can be used for intense sports, such as: mountain running, HIIT, poppy jumping, and also can be used for gentle exercises such as yoga, dance, fitness, etc.

Professional posture line design to solve the training problems of novice yogis

Thickening design, body perceivable and comfortable rebound, protecting joints, effectively alleviating impact, thickening design is silent and does not disturb the people, releases the bottom pressure of feet, and feels like jumping in the clouds

Safe and environmentally friendly, light and easy to carry, delicate cushion surface, soft and comfortable, effectively preventing sports injuries

Waterproof and non-slip, with good water resistance, can be directly cleaned and wiped dry for use, convenient and fast, without fear of sweat, stable and non-slip

Ten times the friction grip and non-slip, exercise at ease, prevent sports-related sports injuries.

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